This month I saw in my 30th birthday. I say saw in, instead of celebrated, because truth be told it was as far from a celebration as I could imagine. Instead of marking the first true milestone birthday of adulthood with cake, champagne, and a certain sense of self accomplishment, I saw it in alone, in a puddle of tears on my bathroom floor.

Somewhere over the course of the last ten years, my life derailed. Somehow I allowed myself to travel along a path that left me broke, single and a mother of two. A far cry from the lofty dreams of my 19 year old self. I realized I had trapped myself in a terribly mundane life, a life that offered me no hope, little joy and no sense of accomplishment or satisfaction.

So after the tears dried and my soul was successfully soothed with a heady mix of bath oil and mulled wine , I set myself a goal. And emboldened by the wine and a desire for accountability I went a step further and decided I would share my very personal journey with the internet.

And here I am! Raw, authentic, exposed and terrified.  The goal? To save $16,000 to take my two kids on 2 month tour of Europe, culminating in Rome. Whilst simultaneously clawing myself out of debt, pursuing my degree, keeping my job and being there for my kids. Time Frame? August 2019, 2 years 3 months from now.

Can I do it? Who knows. But today I lay the first brick for the rest of my life. I’m committed to follow the road… are you coming too?


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