So I’ve heard that one of the great things about the internet is that you can skip right over the awkward getting to know you stage and get right to the point. But…. somehow i think my journey would be easier to understand if you knew a little bit about what makes me.. well me.

So hear goes. In essence I am an oxymoron, a complicated conundrum if you will. I am a gypsy soul with a craving for luxe. A free spirit running barefoot into decadence and indulgence. I love bonfires on the beach and travelling without a plan, discussing politics and social obligations over mason jars, almost as much as I love day spas, makeup, shopping, jewellery and fine dining. I am as whimsical and impulsive as I am head strong and stubborn.

I am an incredibly private person yet find it extremely cathartic to share this with you. I’ve never quite understood this blogging thing, but here I am doing it anyway hoping strangers will read it (which amazingly some of you wonderful people have) because I cant bring myself to share my inner dialogue with people who actually know me

I desire nothing more than to buy an old combie van and hit the road following the wind and my heart. But only if in doing so there was room for my wardrobe and my extensive shoe collection ( I mean really how does anyone survive without a selection of heels) Baths are another thing I’m not at all comfortable giving up.

I crave organisation, but thrive on chaos. I am always a little undone, a little unpolished. Somewhat rough around the edges. Capable of playing both the lady and the tramp. A paradox, dreaming of being an enigma. I wish to be seen as mysterious and complex but the reality is I fall a little short. Indeed  I am often confronted with the fact that I am remarkably transparent.

And so here I am laid bare for you, in the hope that you might understand me. Hopefully in a year I will look back on this description of myself and find that I have grown, become  a little less lost and a little more whole. Perhaps I will also find that some of you have chosen to share yourselves with me.


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