This road is going to be slow, much slower than I could have ever imagined. I knew it wasn’t an easy goal, but i never anticipated so many hidden hurdles. I expected a few bumps and maybe some cracked pavers that needed attention.  I believed it would be a simple matter of smoothing the surface and laying a concrete pour. Slow but smooth. Instead it has become more akin to laying the way forward brick by brick, pausing to get council consent before each one.

All in all, so far have managed to save (in my optimistically titled Travel account) a whole $178. Significantly less than my minimum saving goal of $500 a month and no where near the ideal goal of $1000. Due to lots of unexpected expenses rising out of the either, most attributed to my ex’s legacy.

Never the less, I have started this journey and am fully committed to carrying on. Because however slow this road may be, its not just about money. Its not just about Rome. It is about growth. As I recently had some one dear to me remind me, This broken person in the mirror isn’t who I am. This shell, this empty vessel is not who I am. The vibrant free spirited overwhelmingly positive outgoing independent person I once was, may have been eroded, but she has not been erased. I will find her. I will bring her back to life. I will be whole again.

First step reclaiming my home and making it mine!


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